The Downline Building Network was founded in 2006 by Gerald Peters. Designed for the little guy, the part-timer who has never made $500 - $5,000 check in network marketing before, as well as folks who do not want to use a computer, but would like to make extra money from home
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Go on the "inside" of one of today's most successful mail order network marketers. Learn what it takes to rise to the top of any network marketing opportunity. Author Gerald Peters has appeared on the cover of Home Business Advertiser and been featured in True Wealth Magazine. Using the strategies in his books, he built a downline organization of over 13,217 people in less than 18 months. While others have abandoned the tried and true "old school" marketing methods choosing instead to hide behind computer screens and email, Gerald has shown that you can still do it without the internet.

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Each month subscribers receive in-hand newsletter combined with a weekly recorded "message of the week". Each newsletter profiles one of the "10 Pillars of Success". These pillars are at the heart of Gerald marketing system and personal development coaching.

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Gerald Peters
Founder of DBN

Gerald Peters is a direct mail and email marketing expert. He has sold millions of dollars of products and services over the last decade using direct mail marketing. Gerald now teaches the marketing techniques to members of DBN through his weekly recorded conference call, monthly newsletter and videos.

His marketing system was developed after years of pain and frustration trying to build a business from home. Having joined 20+ different network marketing companies and countless different mail order schemes throughout the years. What usually happened was that he spent tons of money, with little if any return on investment. Sound like a familiar story? If so, Gerald's teaching can help you!

Gerald host a Podcast "The Science of Getting Rich" while not specially about DBN its principles apply to every area of creating, living and building a successful business. Click here visit hope page for the podcast.

The core DBN product is our monthly opportunity seeker lead subscription. Each month DBN members receive prime source leads on convenient peel-n-stick address labels. These are "HOT" leads, the best money can buy ($299 value) and can be used to promote any opportunity program. Active subscribers also receive free promotional postcards with each order.


"The Downline Building Network marketing system was created to help average Americans create a 2nd income stream and put more money in their pockets. I cannot and am not promising that you will make money. I can't read the future. Also, I am not a lawyer or an accountant. The information I provide through books, newsletters, videos are true according to my own personal experience. What I say or recommend is exactly what I do in my own personal life. While I can't guarantee or promise you will make money, I can say I believe I have created the easiest downline building system for the average American in the history or our industry."

Gerald Peters, Founder of The Downline Building Network